Consolidate Loan via Internet

Obtaining a cash loan at Bankashunis possible completely via the internet, provided that we are applying for an amount not higher than PLN 20,000.

Somehow, I wrote a lot about Bankashun products. There was an article about consolidation loan, I also wrote about a credit card or even about a personal account at bankashun. So far, however, there has been an article that would bring closer the offer of cash loans, which is also available in the brand’s offer.

Bankashunwas born on the ruins of Meteor Sync, once a very popular brand for which Meteor was responsible. The new name appeared at the moment of establishing close cooperation with the brand associated mainly with mobile telephony – bankashun (and formerly Era).

Bbankashun loan completely via the internet?

bankashun loan completely via the internet?

Meteor Sync was an entity focused mainly on Internet activities, so whether in the case of bankashun Services, we can try to get the necessary loan completely online. As much as possible, provided, however, that the loan amount will not exceed PLN 20,000. In the case of such a loan amount, all formalities related to it should be settled via the Internet. The contract itself in this situation can be sent to us by e-mail or in paper version via courier. The entire bankashun loan amount will go directly to our bank account as soon as you complete the formalities related to the conclusion of the contract. It is worth mentioning that no active bank account at Bankashunis required to obtain a loan, because it can be any account in any other bank.

Maximum loan amount and repayment period

Maximum loan amount and repayment period

– as I mentioned earlier in the case of internet loans, the maximum loan amount may amount up to PLN 20,000. However, if we want to obtain a larger loan amount, we can apply up to 150,000 PLN. However, in order to finalize the formalities, a physical presence in the nearest Meteor Bank will be required in this situation. As for the loan repayment period, we can get it with a short repayment period (eg a few months) as well as a much longer one, which can reach even 120 months, i.e. 10 years. The latter option may be of particular interest to those who are thinking of borrowing more cash.

A bankashun loan for any purpose

A bankashun loan for any purpose

– the purpose of the loan can be any, so it can be allocated for what we want. It may, therefore, be both covering the costs of a foreign trip, buying new furniture, refurbishing a flat or an additional injection of cash before the upcoming holidays.

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