People who have applied for quick loans know perfectly well that in order for banks to grant personal loans, a series of requirements must be met. The times in which loans were granted fulfilling few conditions have been left behind and now it is necessary to demonstrate to financial institutions that you can return the money that they have lent you. We will detail the main reasons why a bank does not grant personal loans and in which case you have to go to the quick loans.

What are the reasons why banks do not grant personal loans and you have to apply for quick loans?

What are the reasons why banks do not grant personal loans and you have to apply for quick loans?

  • You are on the Financial Credit Institutions default lists . Banks will not grant you loans if you are included in these lists and few fast credit entities will do so. If you are included in these lists, the best option is to pay all the debts you can and request that they remove you from the lists. If you need money urgently try to apply for fast mini credits in the entities of this type of loans and it is possible that some will grant it.
  • Not having a payroll or pension. Banks will not grant you personal loans without this requirement and in this case it is possible to apply for quick credits without payroll, pension or guarantee. Check this page to see the entities where you can request it.
  • Do not have a bank account in the entity where you are going to apply for the loan. If you want an entity to lend you money, it is easiest to open a bank account in the entity when before and to link the largest number of products in it. With this you will get the bank to build trust in you and lend you money in the form of personal loans or pre-granted loans. On this page you have more information on how to do it and where to open bank accounts without commissions and with good conditions in their products.
  • Having bad credit score. Banks perform calculations on the income and expenses you have and generate a personal score that represents the risk you have and use it to approve or deny you the loan. It is possible to improve the score considerably by following these tips.
  • There are other factors such as age (being too young or too old often lower the score), the type of work you have or even the place of residence, modify the ratio that you will get and that will be vital for the granting of the loan.

We recommend that you consider these factors and the urgency of the money when applying for personal loans or quick loans. If the need is urgent you can check in your bank if you have pre- granted loans or credit on your credit cards and if not, we recommend applying for quick credits or mini- credits, depending on the amount you need. If the need is not urgent you can try to open a bank account without commissions in a credit institution and after a time request personal loans.

With these tips you can get money with the best possible conditions in the time you need it. Finally, we recommend that you use the quick credit and personal loans online comparator to find the financial institutions that offer the money you need in the return period you need and the necessary urgency.


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